Road may be wet when slick

I had something weird happen while driving home from school today. The roads were slick, and I was behind a lady in a giant Tahoe or Suburban or whatever. At the end of the turn, the car fishtailed to the right, so the lady overcompensated, and did a 180 in the opposite direction to face the wrong way in traffic.

No one was hurt and nothing crashed into anything, but I wasn’t aware you could do that without a stunt driver and a multi-million dollar Hollywood budget.


One Response

  1. i’ve done that before; granted, not in an SUV, but with a toyota camry. and it was icy. and i slammed into an embankment.

    that was two years ago. i just found out yesterday that my little accident screwed up my rear suspension and now it’s going to take major work to fix.

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