That’s how long it would take to listen to every ’80s song I currently have.

Plus an additional 2.7 hours for all the non-’80s Michael Jackson songs.

Perhaps someday I should just spend an entire weekend listening to ’80s?

What do they put in the water in Brisbane?

…For this shit to be so freaking amazing?

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I love-a da music

I just bought several Heart and Blondie songs. I feel happy. And I feel like listening to them. Over and over and over and over. This is what I do when I buy new music—I listen them to on repeat until my eyes bleed. It’s great.

Jenny, I got your number

Or, at least, someone will.

Frankly, while it’s a great song, I’d rather stick a marshmallow poker in my eye than have that as my personal number.  30 to 40 calls a day?   Plus any associated wrist slashing that may be involved?  No thank you.

Also think of the reaction you’d get if you gave someone your number:

You: Yeah, it’s 867-5309.

Hot Girl: Pigcrap, loser. What do you take me for?

You: No, I’m serious!

Hot Girl: Me too.  I’m becoming a lesbian.

’80s music galore

If you’re reading this, it means I’m at the Heart/Journey concert.  My face is being rocked off.


I have just learned my mom does NOT like Kenny G.

I’ve never listened to music my parents hate (since I’ve never been into modern music), so who knew I’d finally hit upon this with jazz?

Looks like I’ll be blasting some sax all through the house now. 😛

Musical confession

I got some new CDs today. There was an offer at Borders for three CDs at 40% off, so I took them up on it.

When I got there, I realized there aren’t many more ’80s songs I need. I have 34+ hours now and anything I get is going to be highly repetitive.

So I decided to go with my second favorite genre: jazz. But not just any jazz. I mean, I have CDs and songs from classics like Herbie Hancock and John Coltrane, but my favorite kind of jazz is the of the über-cheesy variety. (Yeah, there seems to be a theme with my musical tastes.)

My favorite jazz artist is Kenny G. 😛 His hair is awesome too and reminds me of the ’80s—perhaps this is why I like him.

Anyway, I got two of his CDs to complement the two I already had.

Because I’ve got it stuck in my head

Now you will too.