Question for the ages

I just got my hair cut in preparation for school.

My question is: Who cuts the haircut person’s hair?  Do they cut it themselves since they’re professionals?  Do they let someone else cut it?  And why do they always have odd styles?  Is it because they do do it themselves and they just aren’t that good, or is it because when new styles come out, they’re their own guinea pig?

An interesting read, for all you Earth-haters

While I certainly believe in reducing CO2 emissions and using less energy, if only to be more effecient and spend less money, I also strongly believe in scientific angles, which is why this was so interesting to read.

I’ve long maintained that global warming is a pattern, and as such, is something that will eventually give way to global cooling.  This year alone has been very cold, on the whole, as we were wearing jackets well into May.  We wore jackets just yesterday, too.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think something needs to be done about the environment, since for example China has the largest emerging middle class in the world and all of them are buying cars.  So that is already spiking and will continue to do so, and some kind of standard needs to be in place.  Technology needs to be researched.  But I also believe in the scientific aspect, which is of course interesting, because many political leaders try to shove that under the rug.

If global cooling is real, we’ll still need ways to conserve energy and be “green” since we’ll arguably be using more energy in an attempt to warm ourselves up as opposed to cooling ourselves down.

Cinematic revelation

So while eating dinner today, we were watching a movie on TCM called “Since You Went Away,” which is a 15-hour war movie shot entirely without color.

One of the dramatic scenes in the movie is when Bill gets shipped off to fight in the war and his fiancee is saying good-bye to him from the train platform.  “Be sure to take a picture of yourself and send it to me when you get there!” she says.  Bill throws her a watch as a parting gift as she previously gave him her graduation ring.

Wait a con-sarn minute!  I’ve seen this scene before!

Sure enough, the scene I was rememebring was a scene from “Airplane!”  I’d never understood the reference until that moment, but they parody that good-bye scene as the plane is preparing to take off.

It starts at 1:05.

It’s 11pm

…And I’ve been jamming to some Michael Jackson for well over an hour now.  Should I go to bed or keep jamming?

Tomorrow’s a ‘Celebration.’ Maybe

Been busy recently with work and haven’t had time to update anything.  Plus, all I want to do when I get home is precisely nothing.

However, tomorrow is the Bank Formerly Known As Commercial Federal’s “Celebrates America” concert in Omaha, which is free to the public.  This year’s headliner is Kool & the Gang, which is very exciting.  Also, .38 Special will be there.  Previous years have featured KC & the Sunshine Band, The Village People, The Pointer Sisters, The Supremes, and others.  It usually draws 50,000 or more people.

The sucky thing is that due to cruddy weather, the entire thing may be postponed. We’ll see.

The non-sucky thing is that regardless of weather, next week is my week off and I’m EXCITED.  Again, I plan to do precisely nothing.

I don’t have anything to write…

…So here’s a picture of a kitty.

I want some sushi

And I’m not going to be happy until I get some. 😛

I think the work friends and I will go get some someday soon.

Everything tastes better with chopsticks.

Night of the twisters

We all awoke at 2:30 am to the sound of the tornado siren.

Apparently a minor one touched down near 130-something-th street and ripped trees apart, and damaged a new Target.

It also damaged some homes, which is unfortunate, since the homes in that area are very expensive, which means the news crews will be unable to interview toothless old women in curlers like they usually do.

Just to prove I’m not slacking off…

…Here is a random post.

I’m going to be watching Indiana Jones again tonight at the request of a friend.  This is the only time I’ll be able to see him all this month, so it’ll be worth it.  Plus it was a good movie.

Ooookie dokie…

It’s another tagalicious blog posting. 😛

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It’s after 1pm…

…Maybe I should make some lunch?


I’m still not feeling too well this morning.  Maybe I’m just hungry.  But I already ate.  Ugh.  Stupid steak.

The tables are turned

The one year I don’t go on some extravagent trip to another continent, and one of my friends goes on a month-long (educational) trip to Spain.

So I’m reading about her exploits on Facebook and following her path with Google Maps.

Madrid is an awesome place.  In another 15-20 years I’m going to need to do the European vacation thing again.

In the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through the Europeans by continuing to buy and use European cell phones. 😛

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring…


Spring cleaning

So the big project that was sprung on us this morning was that we were all going to clean out the garage.

I think we’re done now and it’s been interesting. How so many packing peanuts can be hidden underneath stuff is beyond me.

The good news is that I was in control of the high-pressure water sprayer, so at least I was amused with that.

In other news: I downloaded a FREE GPS navigation service with voice guidance for my phone and I’m going to test it out later today. Free programs like this are hard to come by, so we’ll see how this all pans out.