The i8910 – the day after

Now that the orgasmic explosion of excitement is over (ok, this is a lie; I’m still pretty excited), what do all the various features and functions of the i8910 mean?

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The Samsung i8910 – It is mine

Holy crap holy crap holy holy crap holy crap crap!

It’s confirmed. It’s all confirmed.

Excuse me a moment while I cool down and compose myself.  This is like porn for me.

(Five minutes pass.)

OK, ok…I think I’m ready.  First off, let me introduce you to the Samsung i8910, in the flesh.  Yesterday’s rumors proved 100% accurate, which I must say is a bit of a rarity.  Usually with rumors one or two things are either off or completely wrong, which leads to disappointment and general sad panda-ness when the “real” device is actually unveiled either in additional spy shots or officially.

But this time it all proved true—and I could not be happier.

Let’s go through the specs that, thanks to the shots, are now fact:

  • S60 5th Edition with touch
  • GPS
  • WiFi with DLNA
  • 8 MP camera (3264×2448 )
  • HDMI-out
  • High Definition video recording (1280×720), plus D1 (720×480), VGA (640×480) and QVGA (320×240)
  • DivX support
  • UPDATE: 3.5mm jack (according to text)
  • UPDATE: Capacitive (glass) screen (according to text)
  • UPDATE: AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diod) display

What is still unknown is the processor (though it must be very powerful to even be able to handle 720p video recording and playback—possibly an OMAP 3430 or similar chip) and the screen size.  S60 5.0 is known to be capable of at least nHD (640×360) resolution, so the i8910 is at least that or possibly higher (it’s currently rumored at WVGA, 800×480).

I haven’t been this impressed with a phone in a very long while.  There have been exciting phones, yes—the first slew of 8MP phones were some, but the feeling faded rather quickly—but this is the first phone to completely knock it out of the park.  More often than not, phones don’t deliver everything; there’s always give and take.  You want an 8MP camera?  You’re not getting a touchscreen.  You want 8MP and a touchscreen?  You’re not getting WiFi and it’s not going to be a smartphone.  You want WiFi and a smartphone?  Well, it won’t be 8MP, buddy.  This is the first phone to incorporate literally every 2009-spec feature and then some.  The ONLY thing this phone doesn’t have—and it’s due to the sheer apparent thinness of the device—is a Xenon flash.  MWC may reveal more awesome phones, but I doubt many will be as good as this one, and I can’t believe any will be better.  At least, not this early in the year.

UPDATE: In addition to everything else, it also apparently has a capacitive screen (think iPhone) which is AMOLED (which saves a ton on battery life).  INSANE.

More drool-worthy pictures after the break.

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My predictions for MWC 2009

On a personal note, I wish it was still referred to as 3GSM.  Sounds a lot cooler than MWC.  Especially when you learn what “MWC” stands for–“Mobile World Congress.”  Sounds like white people in suits.  Sounds like no fun.

Anyway, last year’s “MWC’ was pretty good.  Not great, but good.  It saw the intro of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1, which in my opinion stole the show, even though it is only a mediocre device, spec-wise, and ended up being released like a bajillion years later.  It also saw the announcement of Nokia’s N96, which is a disgrace to the Nseries brand.  But, hey.

This year looks like it’s going to be amazing.  Knock your socks off awesome.

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3G in Omaha

My last 3G in Omaha post is probably the most popular on the whole friggin’ blog, and I’m comforted that some people are as dorky as I am.

Unfortunately, it’s also the one I didn’t update when the switch was actually flipped.

So, it shall come as no surprise to anyone that 3G/HSDPA is now deployed in Omaha and has been for over a month.  There were delays, stops, forks in the road, and probably a few murders, but it all got figured out in the end.

For the record, HSDPA in Omaha is deployed ONLY on the 1900 Mhz band, as is 2G EDGE.  There is no 850 Mhz in Omaha to speak of, though that doesn’t mean they’ll someday augment the current network with some 850.  Of course, by the time they do, we’ll have 4G LTE and no one will care.

The speeds are…good.  Not great.  I’m certainly having a blast surfing the ‘Net on 3G, but it’s not as ZOMG SUPR AMAZIN like I was expecting.  Indeed, on my Nokia N95 and N82, both of which are limited to EDGE in the States, my browsing experience is only minimally worse than on my AT&T-branded Nokia 6650 with HSDPA 850/1900.  That said, I’m glad it’s here and am happy to take advantage of it.  The only significant difference in speed seems to be sending and receiving email.

The thing that sucks now is that I need to be more picky when I get new phones.  Before, my only requirement was quadband GSM.  Now, I require that and at least dualband 850/1900 HSDPA.  Nokia does a good job getting NAM versions of their Nseries line, so I think I’ll be safe.

But just as I say that…

…Something else comes along to blow away my ideas.

I was set on the N85 just a few hours ago, but information has surfaced that makes me wonder otherwise.

One of the great cell phone resources I have is a Russian site called Mobile-Review.  The owner has inside information into a lot of companies and loves to drop hints about upcoming devices in his reviews.  Well, in his review of the N85 (and the N79 that was also announced today), he said that there will be about 7 new S60 devices from Nokia presented in February (at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona), and that two of them will essentially turn the market on its head.

Several things are known about Nokia now: They’re working on an 8MP phone.  Several companies including Sony Ericsson, LG, and Samsung have announced 8 MP phones, and each are pretty impressive, so it’s only a matter of time before Nokia shows them how it’s done.

Two: They’re working on a touchscreen flagship.  Their current touch phone they are about to unveil—the XpressMusic/Media 5800 “Tube” (which was showcased in The Dark Knight)—is a mid-end phone for the masses, though it has high-end specs like WLAN, GPS, etc.  There is a second touch phone in the works that will be “flagship” status, which means, in other words, armed to the teeth.  The 5800’s screen resolution is already known to be 640×360, and apparently the flagship touch device is to be even denser.  It’s speculated further that the touch flagship and the 8MP phone are actually one in the same, and I tend to agree.

A rendering of the 5800 Tube, based on live spypics.

A rendering of the 5800 "Tube," based on live spypics.

Three: On the business side, there is a device floating around called the “E77,” which apparently has a touchscreen and a side-sliding keyboard.  It’s supposed to be far superior to even the third-generation iPhone that will likely make an appearance next summer.

The touch flagship and this “E77” are the likely candidates for being unveiled in February and subsequently released in the summer sometime (or before).

As much as I like the N85, I did just get the N82, which I LOVE, and don’t really want to part with it anytime soon.  And I’d much rather wait even upwards of a year to get my hands on an 8MP touchscreen Nokia flagship rather than get a phone that is only marginally better than what I have.  The N85, as awesome as it sounds, would realistically only be an incremental upgrade, whereas this device to be unveiled in February would be more than deserving of my money.

So, there we go.  Waiting it shall be.

Realistically, what I expect the touchscreen flagship to have is a 5-8 MP autofocus CZ camera with face detection and dual-LED flash, video recording at either the standard 640×480 or possibly bumped up to 720×480, WLAN, Bluetooth, screen resolution of at least 640×360 but possibly increased to even 960×540 (apparently some S60 Touch phones will exceed the densest Windows Mobile screens), AM-OLED screen, FM radio/FM transmitter, 3.5 mm jack, microUSB with charging, and all the other bells and whistles common on a high-end Nokia.

You all are going to shoot me, but…

…I’m seriously thinking about selling my N82 in about two to three months. Nope, guess not.  See above post.

*Dodges the tomatoes

Through a site called, I can sell back any phone for “fair market value,” and since my N82 is NEW, for all intents and purposes, I expect I could recoup almost all of my money.

You can either choose to receive a check in the mail, or a coupon on a new phone.

Well, you can guess which I want.

That’s right: Today Nokia announced the Nokia N85, which is probably the most revolutionary phone they’ve announced since the N95 two-plus years ago.

The N85 is being billed as the N95 replacement/true successor, rather than the N96. The N96 is more than 1.5 times as much money, and is simply too bulky and unoriginal for “average” people to purchase.

The N85, on the other hand, combines many brand-new technologies. It has an FM transmitter, which allows you to broadcast music on an FM band and pick it up in your car or on a stereo. VERY cool. It is also the first Nokia phone to have triband HSDPA, which means GLOBAL roaming in both the US and Europe on 3G frequencies. Awesome. It also has an AM-OLED screen, which is a brand-new technology that doesn’t require a backlight. Backlights are the main battery drains on a phone (except for making calls), and the AM-OLED display removes this, thus boosting the battery life tremendously. That, and it has a 1200 mAh battery—the largest in an Nseries phone. It also has S60 FP2, which has pretty transitions and other eye candy. The N85’s D-pad also doubles as a scroll wheel, similar to an iPod.  Not to mention, it’s both smaller and thinner than the N82.

It’s also set for immediate release—well, close to immediate. October, I think.

I am amazed by the phone. I love my N82 to pieces, but this phone brings something new to the table, and I’m very interested. If I were unable to trade in phones and recoup money, I would never consider it, but the prospect of slashing possibly $400 off the initial $650 price tag is very appealing to me. If I wait a little longer, that price is surely to drop.

Dunno. I’m tempted. I admit it’s an odd move even for me, but this phone is something special.

Good news for Windows/toast fans

Last night while I was up until midnight reading Ctrl+Alt+Del, this would have been very handy.  I’m taking about, of course, the idea of slipping a piece of bread into my computer and having it cook into toast in a matter of minutes, after which I would have consumed it and continued reading.

That is now a reality with the CrazyPC Bay Toaster which is important and cool enough to receive a mention in today’s newspaper.

The logic here is that many people have empty bays in their computers, or a floppy drive they don’t need, so the only logical alternative is to replace this dead space with a toaster.

Don’t worry: there is a crumb catcher so that bread pieces don’t fall into the computer and ignite it. AND there’s a heating duct to prevent the computer from overheating and THEN igniting.  AND there’s a Mac version coming soon for you losers.

Breakfast is served.