Heart attack on a plate

I just saw a commercial for some “Southern Fried Chicken Biscuit Something-Or-Other” for McDonald’s. Chicken I don’t mind—in fact, it’s the chicken meals I hate the least at McDonald’s—but this thing is intended to be eaten for breakfast.

Who wants chicken for breakfast? And fried chicken at that? Besides, possibly, a wolf?

No doubt Burger King or someone else will counter with a “Double Steak and Bacon Biscuit” breakfast sandwich before not too long.

Coffee/chocolate perfection

I have discovered what may be the perfect food.

Starbucks Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans are the pinnacle of human achievement, in my opinion, as they blend two perfect things—coffee and chocolate—into one thing that can be devoured in a single sitting and keep you awake until the next morning.

I didn’t know coffee beans were edible, but they are. To test this, I took some regular coffee beans we have in the house and popped a few in my mouth. Except for having no chocolate, which combats the slight bitterness of the bean, they tasted great. I think this is a great alternative to brewing coffee, as it effectively eliminates the middle man. I’m sure the beans themselves are much more poignant than the coffee liquid, too, as it’s more of a direct injection.

Also, at $3.50 a pop, I’m sure it may be more cost-effective to make you own. All you’d need are some beans and then mix them up in melted chocolate. As the French say, “Viola!”