One of these things doesn’t belong here

…One of these things does not belong.

See if you can identify the item!

All taken at a trip to Kohl’s about a month ago.

OK, Mr. American Radio Batman Announcer…

When you’re doing your little Batman giveaway commercial, it’s pronounced NO-kia, not no-KIA.

no-KIA is what you say in response to the question: “Tarzan, do you own a Kia?”  I realize Nokia has very little market share in the United States, but that’s no reason to mispronounce their name.  You’re putting the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle and you sound like a moron.  Please stop.

NO-kia, NO-kia, NO-kia.

One more cam phone picture

This one was at school.


Taken with a Nokia N95.

EA is still FAIL

But not as much as before.

Thank you.


That is all I’m saying.