The difference is in the caps

Something I noticed about the Nokia N86 versus the Samsung Omnia HD: Nokia’s handset has all of its connectors exposed, while the Samsung unit has caps for all of them.

While I can’t speak for Samsung units across all time, I can make statements about Nokia’s Nseries phones.  Except for the microSD slot, all the hardware “extras,” including the 3.5mm jack and the USB slot, are exposed.  This leads to dust and pocket lint getting inside, and well, it looks like of messy.

On the other hand, the Omnia HD’s 3.5mm jack and USB slot are both protected under a flap.

The really odd part is that my Nokia 6650, from AT&T, has everything under a flap—why does an expensive Nseries phone have exposed connectors while a $60 on-contract phone has things protected?

What’s wrong with Nokia?

Today Nokia “announced” its newest Nseries, the N86.  It has all the usual Nseries goodies including a 3.5mm jack, WLAN, GPS, and comes with some extras like an OLED screen and an 8MP camera—the first from Nokia.

But something is wrong with this picture.

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Martian Death Sickness

I feel like I have the Martian Death Sickness.  I think I just had an allergy at the beginning of the week due to working in the yard over the weekend, but it’s progressed into something much worse.  I’m very stuffy, my head feels like it’s going to explode, I ache everywhere and….bleeerrggghhh.

I’m drugged up and feeling better because of it, and I hope I’m able to kick this soon.

What’s worse is that typically I don’t get sick very often—I haven’t had a cold in over a year—so because of that, this feels much worse than it probably actually is.