One of these things doesn’t belong here

…One of these things does not belong.

See if you can identify the item!

All taken at a trip to Kohl’s about a month ago.

Omaha at night

I hung out with some friends yesterday and we ended up at the Con Agra Campus, as usual, since it’s very picturesque.  Armed with my N82, I took some night shots. I used Night Mode to get the lighting and Burst Mode to take rapid-fire shots so I could capture everything.

I think they turned out well, especially with the lights and water effects (there’s a gigantic fountain in the middle of the lake, as you’ll see).  This is my favorite part of Omaha.

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LED vs Xenon…FIGHT!

The winner is clear, as I knew it would be.

In the fight between an LED flash and a Xenon flash, there is no contest.

The N95, while close to perfection, is beat out in the camera department by the N82.  Low-light conditions were not the N95’s friend, as they were either too dark, blurry, or both.

The N82, with its Xenon gas flash, eliminates any problems related to darkenss, night, or anything relating with or pertaining to black (DAMN I did it again! 😛 ).

Following the jump will reveal the true difference between the two flashes.

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Yeah, but how do they know what they made?

One more cam phone picture

This one was at school.


Taken with a Nokia N95.

Another cam phone shot…

We were inside a Bar-B-Cue store. Don’t ask me why.

Taken with a Sony Ericsson K790a.

One of my favorite camera phone shots

I noticed this randomly while at a stop light a few months ago.


Taken with a Sony Ericsson K790a.