Time to geek out for a little while.

The final episode of my favorite TV show “Stargate SG-1” aired yesterday.  Out of that, it earned the title as the longest-running science fiction show ever at 10 years and 214 episodes.  Certainly nothing to sneeze at.  “SG-1” was certainly a unique show and certainly wasn’t the run-of-the-mill nerdy sci-fi show.  It had humor, drama, and always put the story and characters above blowing things up. It was not only a good sci-fi show, but it was a good show…something that is a rarity these days with the flood of “reality” TV and other shows that get picked up for half a season before the network realizes it sucks and gives it the axe.  Of course, I still have “Atlantis” to watch and the several “SG-1” movies to be released, but it won’t be the same.


Grey’s Anatomy

While watching Desperate Housewives (YES, I watch that, dammit!), I saw a commercial for the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  Am I the only one who was taken aback that the episode revolves around an actual medical situation as opposed to what it’s normally about, namely sex?  I almost fell out of my seat.


I just got back from McDonalds. This in itself is frightening.

However, what is more frightening is that playing on the McDonalds’ televisions was ESPN24, where they were showing….darts.

People. Throwing darts. At a dartboard. On TV.

I was ok when they started showing poker. It didn’t tickle my couch potato bone, but it was there, and it’s fun to play in real life. Fine, you know? But darts takes this let’s-not-show-real-sports-on-sports-channels thing a little too far. | See–there’s the line. They just crossed it.

I’m gritting my teeth for when I see hopscotch on TV. I hear that will be on the new ESPN∞.