Facebook ads–no thank you

Some of the ads on Facebook are kind of cool, but some are just downright weird.  Take this one for example:

And you have to advertise by using a picture of someone’s BACK??  Yuck and ew, if I may.


The work ahead…

Got one of my syllabuses (syllabi?) and already know for Micro Economics, I need to write a 10-15 page paper about an “economic problem” for honors credit.

I really hate the honors program.  Just because we have book smarts doesn’t mean we like doing extra work.  In fact, honors students are some of the laziest people on campus.

Anyway, I have the whole semester to work on it, so maybe it won’t be that bad.

But that’s only one syllabus.

Finally going to get a good night’s sleep

Ever since Saturday-ish (though I suspect it’s actually been longer and I just didn’t notice), my computer has been awaking in the dead of night in a zombie-like fashion, which wakes me up and forces me to make it go to sleep again.

I even tried putting it in Hibernate mode, which is essentially off, but the session is stored in memory.  It was awaken even from that, which means only one thing: Evil Spirits.

As I was having my room cleansed by a swami, it also occurred to me that this had been happening ever since I started using Media Center to watch TV on my computer.  So I did some digging on Google (Diggling? Doogling?  Googing?) and discovered the TV Guide automatically updates itself, but it does so at a random time, usually at night, and there’s no in-build way to change it.

Seems like a design flaw to me, what whatevs.  I don’t get paid millions of dollars to make logical decisions in regard to software.

So I disabled to automatic updates altogether and downloaded a third-party program that allows me to manually define update times.  Last night went off without a hitch or a wake-up, so I don’t think I’ll have this problem anymore.

OK, Mr. American Radio Batman Announcer…

When you’re doing your little Batman giveaway commercial, it’s pronounced NO-kia, not no-KIA.

no-KIA is what you say in response to the question: “Tarzan, do you own a Kia?”  I realize Nokia has very little market share in the United States, but that’s no reason to mispronounce their name.  You’re putting the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle and you sound like a moron.  Please stop.

NO-kia, NO-kia, NO-kia.

I’m back! I think…


I get back from Vegas only to find out that while I was gone, a comedy of errors took place.

First, a lightening storm obliterated both the modem and the wireless router.  Then, my car’s Check Engine light came on.  Shortly thereafter, my dad’s car overheated.  Then a man who was supposed to fix the washing machine broke a copper pipe and nearly flooded the basement.  To dry the place out, my parents tried to use the dehumidifier, which instantly broke.

On the Internet front, the entire day I’ve been back has been spent trying to fix it.  It worked in the morning (apparently) but broke as soon as I tried to use it.  I managed to help fix it, but the signal wasn’t strong enough to reach my room, so we had to get another range extender (we had one, but it was of course incompatible with the security placed on the new router) in order to broadcast the signal into my room.

AND I have to go back to work tomorrow.  DO NOT WANT.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to check up on stuff.

On a positive note, Vegas was awesome.  I loved every minute.  Took some great photos and had some great times, so I’ll hopefully share all of those soon.

Oh, and I’ve picked out my new phone. 😉

Next month: Blogger Tycoon

…Unless they’ve already done it.

Seriously, something needs to be done about this Tycoon franchise.  I know we hound EA for making basically every concievable Sims game possible, up to and including “The Sims Pawn Shop Stuff,” but in the meantime, something’s slipped under our noses the whole time.

The Tycoon franchise is out of control.  While at the store a few weeks ago I saw this game being advertised on the shelf:

First of all: Lemonade? An entire game devoted to lemonade?  The only thing more boring than playing a game about lemonade would be creating a game about lemonade.

Secondly: Lemonade Tycoon 2?  The first one was popular enough to make another? The mind boggles.

Thirdly: New York Edition?  What does that mean?  If someone refuses to buy your lemonade, you flip him off and run him over in the street with a Buick?

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Power’s back on

The power came back on at 11:30 tonight, after it was inexplicably knocked out at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Apparently, while working on the lines, a limb fell on some wires, snapped them out and blew up a transformer.  80 people lost power.  They said they would not be able to do anything about it since the tree removal people weren’t working in the evening or night, but then 30 minutes to midnight it was flipped back on.  So life is good.

It’s incredibly dull and boring without electricity.  Literally nothing to do—everything that could be partially amusing requires some kind of current.

I did read a little bit of my book from The Onion and surfed the Internet on my phone. 😛