Nokia leaks, not announces, its N86 8MP

In an interesting move, Nokia has decided—at least for now—not to actually announce its 8MP camera phone everyone has been waiting for, instead choosing to officially unveil two new Eseries devices and two numbered sets.

Instead, Nokia leaked its N86 handset, which comes with an 8MP camera and apparently a Xenon flash at the back.

From the style of the device, we’re obviously looking at a slider with a non-touch version of S60.  The device looks very similar to the N85 but with just a hint of the N97.

What’s odd is that evidently the phone will be the “N86 8MP,” which seems like a needless marketing gimmick considering this is not the first 8MP phone and isn’t really that impressive anymore after Sony Ericsson showcased a future 12 MP unit yesterday.

Personally, this is about what I expected from Nokia.  I would have preferred their first 8MP phone to knock it out of the park, but since the N97 is the “flagship,” there are certain features that simply can’t be afforded to this new N86, a touchscreen being just one of them.

I love Nokia, but I think I’m passing on this phone.


According to this image, the N86 has only dual-LED flash and NOT a Xenon unit as previously mentioned.

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