She should be a motivational speaker

This is an actual quote from my mom’s boss—something she said to her 2nd grade son after his Valentine’s Day party on Friday, which involves candy and chocolate passed out to all the students:

Just realize that every time you put sugar in your body, you’re killing it

The mom is 40.  She is deathly afraid of this age and is doing everything to remain young, to the point of pushing cruel and unusual eating patterns on her children.  Children that could, at their age, eat dirt and remain healthy.  But now they’re going to forever be afraid to eat anything because they’re being taught that food, essentially, kills slowly.


Dumb ass is as dumb ass does


Finally going to get a good night’s sleep

Ever since Saturday-ish (though I suspect it’s actually been longer and I just didn’t notice), my computer has been awaking in the dead of night in a zombie-like fashion, which wakes me up and forces me to make it go to sleep again.

I even tried putting it in Hibernate mode, which is essentially off, but the session is stored in memory.  It was awaken even from that, which means only one thing: Evil Spirits.

As I was having my room cleansed by a swami, it also occurred to me that this had been happening ever since I started using Media Center to watch TV on my computer.  So I did some digging on Google (Diggling? Doogling?  Googing?) and discovered the TV Guide automatically updates itself, but it does so at a random time, usually at night, and there’s no in-build way to change it.

Seems like a design flaw to me, what whatevs.  I don’t get paid millions of dollars to make logical decisions in regard to software.

So I disabled to automatic updates altogether and downloaded a third-party program that allows me to manually define update times.  Last night went off without a hitch or a wake-up, so I don’t think I’ll have this problem anymore.

PETA forces close on phone ad

I’m not fan of Verizon and basically indifferent to PETA, but I do not see a problem with this ad.  OK, the dogs (pit bulls) are in a reletively stereotypical role, since while the animals do have a penchant for killing and maiming things, not all of them do.  So I see that.  But PETA is for the “ethical treatment of animals,” which to me means physical treatment.  The animals (person included) are clearly not harmed.  Emotionally harmed, though—is that the argument?  That the dogs are in a stereotypical role?  I refuse to believe the dogs have sophisticated enough emotions to understand the role they were placed in (much less what “stereotypical” is), but regardless, PETA got 7,000 people to send letters to VZW and they pulled the ad.

Is there something unethical here I’m just not seeing?

Mars Attacks!

So of course the exciting news is that Mars has some form of water on its surface, which means it may potentially be a great natural habitat for simple, one-celled organisms, or possibly members of Congress.

Of course, this being America, and America generally being a blood-sucking leech, several Nebraskans have already figured out how to tap into this vast resource by building a pipeline from Earth to Mars, which—assuming there aren’t any obstacles thrown in the way such as asteroids or brain-eating aliens—should be completed just in time for my birthday in 3010.

“A private, state, federal funding partnership is likely,” they wrote.

Yes, I think this is a great idea and we should throw money at this concept immediately.

For the record I think—THINK—this is a joke.

Forget the nudists…

They’re creating a “black list?”

Why not a “white list?”  Huh?  Why must the BLACK list be connected with a NEGATIVE connotation?

And what about BLACK eyes?!  Why not BLUE eyes, since that’s what color they really are?  Or is BLUE not racist enough for you pigs??

😛 😉

I’m back! I think…


I get back from Vegas only to find out that while I was gone, a comedy of errors took place.

First, a lightening storm obliterated both the modem and the wireless router.  Then, my car’s Check Engine light came on.  Shortly thereafter, my dad’s car overheated.  Then a man who was supposed to fix the washing machine broke a copper pipe and nearly flooded the basement.  To dry the place out, my parents tried to use the dehumidifier, which instantly broke.

On the Internet front, the entire day I’ve been back has been spent trying to fix it.  It worked in the morning (apparently) but broke as soon as I tried to use it.  I managed to help fix it, but the signal wasn’t strong enough to reach my room, so we had to get another range extender (we had one, but it was of course incompatible with the security placed on the new router) in order to broadcast the signal into my room.

AND I have to go back to work tomorrow.  DO NOT WANT.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to check up on stuff.

On a positive note, Vegas was awesome.  I loved every minute.  Took some great photos and had some great times, so I’ll hopefully share all of those soon.

Oh, and I’ve picked out my new phone. 😉