I love hiatuses

Hiatuses?  Hiatii?  Who cares.  I love them.  I love blogging, then stopping, then blogging again, like some kind of neurotic teenager who can’t figure out the difference between the break and accelerator pedal.

Anyway, I shall try my hand at this again.  It’s likely to only last a few months again, but we shall see how long it will hold out.


Thank for the tip!

So I got this in my spam folder at the blog today:

I found this website while searching for a alternative dating site last month and have already hooked up with 3 chicks who are basically down for whatever. Check it out!


So, thanks for the tip! DELETE!

Today’s pondering

What exactly is a “snaphappy fishsuit mokiligon,” and why did someone search for this term?  Is there one here?  If so, should I be afraid?  Or is this a good thing to have?


Um, whoever searched toothless old women and found themselves here: Did you find what you were looking for?

New pictures

The recent pictures from my vacation have been added to the appropriate page as well as pictures from my trip to Mexico, though these were scanned from a disposable camera, so the quality is *waves hand up and down*

I’m back

And will be posting like a madman soon enough.

Capitalizing on spam

I’m all for making money and I think this is a good idea. I think that for each spam post you approve, you should get paid 10 cents or something. If these people want to advertise their gambling sites so badly , I should receive some kind of monetary compensation.