No 12MP phone this time, folks

Samsung apparently will not be introducing a shiney new 12MP cameraphone at MWC on Monday, despite earlier rumors (from the same original source, I think) that they would.

Oh well.

There are plenty of months left in the year.

Those wacky Indians

Somehow, I think they missed the point when the health craze caught on.

OK, yes, cows are speeshul in India, but I don’t think trading high fructose corn syrup for, well, pee, is going to help anyone’s waistline or life expectancy.

No, I don’t care how healthy and magical and clean it is.  It’s pee.  Faced between drinking that and dying on the hospital bed, I choose croaking.


That’s how long it would take to listen to every ’80s song I currently have.

Plus an additional 2.7 hours for all the non-’80s Michael Jackson songs.

Perhaps someday I should just spend an entire weekend listening to ’80s?

S8300 UltraTOUCH a sign of things to come next week

Samsung’s “big” announcement today was the S8300.  Sure, it’s no i8910, but it’s still a pretty remarkable device.

Despite being primarily designed as a fashion phone and not a power device, it still packs the most up-to-date specifications around including an 8MP autofocus camera with dual-LED flash, D1 video recording, GPS, and a 2.8-inch WQVGA AMOLED capacitive screen.  Pretty impressive for such a slim phone.  What it lacks is WiFi, but for a feature phone this is partly excusable.  Still, some companies these days are sticking WiFi in their feature handsets and Samsung so far hasn’t gotten on board with that trend.

All this makes me more excited for the Feb. 16 announcement of the i8910, which has gotten confirmed by two independent sources as also using an AMOLED capacitive glass display.  It would certainly make sense, as all current Samsung touch devices feature such screens.

Video of the day

Five year olds shouldn’t be smokin’ the reefer.  Or maybe they should just avoid the dentist.

The i8910 – the day after

Now that the orgasmic explosion of excitement is over (ok, this is a lie; I’m still pretty excited), what do all the various features and functions of the i8910 mean?

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The Samsung i8910 – It is mine

Holy crap holy crap holy holy crap holy crap crap!

It’s confirmed. It’s all confirmed.

Excuse me a moment while I cool down and compose myself.  This is like porn for me.

(Five minutes pass.)

OK, ok…I think I’m ready.  First off, let me introduce you to the Samsung i8910, in the flesh.  Yesterday’s rumors proved 100% accurate, which I must say is a bit of a rarity.  Usually with rumors one or two things are either off or completely wrong, which leads to disappointment and general sad panda-ness when the “real” device is actually unveiled either in additional spy shots or officially.

But this time it all proved true—and I could not be happier.

Let’s go through the specs that, thanks to the shots, are now fact:

  • S60 5th Edition with touch
  • GPS
  • WiFi with DLNA
  • 8 MP camera (3264×2448 )
  • HDMI-out
  • High Definition video recording (1280×720), plus D1 (720×480), VGA (640×480) and QVGA (320×240)
  • DivX support
  • UPDATE: 3.5mm jack (according to text)
  • UPDATE: Capacitive (glass) screen (according to text)
  • UPDATE: AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diod) display

What is still unknown is the processor (though it must be very powerful to even be able to handle 720p video recording and playback—possibly an OMAP 3430 or similar chip) and the screen size.  S60 5.0 is known to be capable of at least nHD (640×360) resolution, so the i8910 is at least that or possibly higher (it’s currently rumored at WVGA, 800×480).

I haven’t been this impressed with a phone in a very long while.  There have been exciting phones, yes—the first slew of 8MP phones were some, but the feeling faded rather quickly—but this is the first phone to completely knock it out of the park.  More often than not, phones don’t deliver everything; there’s always give and take.  You want an 8MP camera?  You’re not getting a touchscreen.  You want 8MP and a touchscreen?  You’re not getting WiFi and it’s not going to be a smartphone.  You want WiFi and a smartphone?  Well, it won’t be 8MP, buddy.  This is the first phone to incorporate literally every 2009-spec feature and then some.  The ONLY thing this phone doesn’t have—and it’s due to the sheer apparent thinness of the device—is a Xenon flash.  MWC may reveal more awesome phones, but I doubt many will be as good as this one, and I can’t believe any will be better.  At least, not this early in the year.

UPDATE: In addition to everything else, it also apparently has a capacitive screen (think iPhone) which is AMOLED (which saves a ton on battery life).  INSANE.

More drool-worthy pictures after the break.

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What do they put in the water in Brisbane?

…For this shit to be so freaking amazing?

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I love-a da music

I just bought several Heart and Blondie songs. I feel happy. And I feel like listening to them. Over and over and over and over. This is what I do when I buy new music—I listen them to on repeat until my eyes bleed. It’s great.

Samsung Leaksville

Just came across this leaked i8910, codenamed “Acme.”

If the rumors prove true, and I hope they do, we’re looking at an S60 touch device with an 8MP camera and—wait for it!—HD video recording! That’s a minimum of 1024×768 (XGA), folks, though most likely 1280×720 (720p). That certainly blows the measly 640×480 recording I’m used to out of the water.

If memory serves, this is one of two 8MP phones that will be announced at MWC in less than two weeks. The other one should be the i8510 successor with optical zoom. It will be interesting to see how the other specs of these two devices compare—optical zoom is a very nice feature, but how will the video recording be? And will the OZ model have a touchscreen? Time will tell. Either way, this i8910 is very enticing.

Also the codename is amusing. Acme. Reminds me of the Looney Tunes cartoons where the Acme company was able to build just about anything. Perhaps that is the idea.

UPDATE: Another report, this time suggesting a very large screen.  We shall see.  One thing’s for sure—MWC is going to rock.

If the whales weren’t enough…

Now we have Klingons robbing convenience stores.

I am hereby upgrading the threat level to Mauve.

Interesting developments in Network Land

Recently Verizon bought Alltel for 16 quadrillion dollars and as such, was ordered by the FCC to give up some of its wireless network/spectrum in certain market, lest they become a monopoly and therefore more evil than they are already.

Apparently one of those market areas that needs to be given up includes Omaha and a sizable chunk of the rest of the state, which were Alltel strongholds.

Interestingly, as far as I know, this CDMA market operates off 800 Mhz. AT&T, one of the companies interested in scooping it up—and the one most likely to be able to financially-speaking—operates off 1900 Mhz in this area. So, if AT&T wins and uses the spectrum, it may logically follow they they will augment the recently-activated 1900 Mhz HSDPA network with 850 Mhz, which is able to penetrate buildings much better.

That is just my speculation and is assuming a lot, but it would be exciting if it unfolds as such.


They may be prepping for an invasion.

UPDATE: It’s far worse than we thought.  Those damn whale terrorist unibombers. I encourage everyone to seek shelter (not that it will matter when the whale guts penetrate your abode and kill you) and become extremely alarmed and frightened.  Buy bleach and light bulbs just in case.

Note to people with political bumper stickers

The elections ended in November.  Your bumper sticker, no matter what position or which person it’s for, is irrelevant now.  If you still have it attached, you’re either (a) gloating, or (b) a sore loser.  Please stop.

Bad economy forces some to choke chickens to make dough

You know it’s bad when it comes to this.

Though I would like to dispute this part of the story:

Cairo would not say how much a sperm donor can earn but added it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Uh, have you ever tried, sir?  Takes about a minute.  Pay and go.  You could even have a drive-thru.