Samsung’s i8910 to officially be the Omnia HD

Or, specifically, the OmniaHD if the superscript is to be recognized.

I think it’s a very interesting name choice.  Of course, I prefer numerical names for phones the best (in this case, the i8910), but at least this is a cool name.  They decided against the codename of “Acme,” which is a relief since it can be easily confused with a pimple breakout.

What’s most interesting about the name is that there is already a Samsung Omnia in existence—a Windows Mobile device that shares essentially no characteristics with this new Omnia HD except for form factor.  So, this would lead me to believe that “Omnia” is not just representative of one device and its successors, but an entire product line or sub-brand.  “Omnia” may represent a new brand of Samsung high-end super smartphones.

Either way, at least its announcement is official now.

Source: PhoneArena

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