They may be prepping for an invasion.

UPDATE: It’s far worse than we thought.  Those damn whale terrorist unibombers. I encourage everyone to seek shelter (not that it will matter when the whale guts penetrate your abode and kill you) and become extremely alarmed and frightened.  Buy bleach and light bulbs just in case.


One Response

  1. I dated a farm boy once. Before we could actually start our date, we had to ride out to the various fields and check the cows. He found one dead and it was summer…it was swelled to the limit and he stood there beating on it with a stick.

    I told him if it exploded, HE was walking back home alone, as me and the truck would be longggg gone.

    Nothing smells worse than when a body pops from the built up gases. The smell is all it takes to kill you.

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