Interesting developments in Network Land

Recently Verizon bought Alltel for 16 quadrillion dollars and as such, was ordered by the FCC to give up some of its wireless network/spectrum in certain market, lest they become a monopoly and therefore more evil than they are already.

Apparently one of those market areas that needs to be given up includes Omaha and a sizable chunk of the rest of the state, which were Alltel strongholds.

Interestingly, as far as I know, this CDMA market operates off 800 Mhz. AT&T, one of the companies interested in scooping it up—and the one most likely to be able to financially-speaking—operates off 1900 Mhz in this area. So, if AT&T wins and uses the spectrum, it may logically follow they they will augment the recently-activated 1900 Mhz HSDPA network with 850 Mhz, which is able to penetrate buildings much better.

That is just my speculation and is assuming a lot, but it would be exciting if it unfolds as such.


2 Responses

  1. Erm, what does this mean for my verizon account? Nothing I hope except better service? (Because it sucks as it is).

  2. If you have Verizon, nothing will change, or at least it won’t change negatively.

    In fact, depending on what ends up actually happening, you should notice no change at all.

    Positive change may come to AT&T if they buy it because they’ll be able to beef up their current network with 850 Mhz. Verizon’s network is already 800 Mhz so it’s kind of as good as it gets for now.

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