The sieve is open–MWC seems ripe for 12MP hotness

There are now tons of reports out in the Interwebz that Samsung does indeed seem to be prepping a 12 MP camera phone for MWC starting on the 16th.  Of course, they may also announce it early on the 9th as previous reports suggested.  The best news is that it’s supposed to be ready to ship at the end of the month and will be available sometime in the spring in Europe.

If the device is supposed to be an i8510 INNOV8 successor or follow-on, I expect it to have a mile-long spec list.  After all, if the headlining feature is a 12 MP camera, it’s bound to be good.  If the i8510 had  8GB and 16GB versions, I expect the successor to have 16GB and 32GB versions.  If the i8510 had a single LED bulb, I expect at least a dual-LED flash, preferably Xenon (though I’m not getting my hopes up).  If the i8510 used S60 3.2 I expect the successor to have S60 5.0, perhaps even with touch.

We’ll see how much of this proves true.

UPDATE: Even more hotness. Seems as though the 12 MP phone will be using the proprietary Samsung interface (hopefully TouchWiz), while the “true” i8510 successor, an 8 MP unit with 3x optical zoom,  will be using S60.


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