Verrrry very interesink

If this shoddily-translated Korean report is true, apparently we’ll be seeing a 12 MP camera phone out of Samsung at MWC this year.  (No, not a “1200” MP phone as the article states; that’s for next year.)

While it’s generally regarded as fact that 12 MP phones will be released this year—both Samsung and Sony announced mobile 12 MP sensors around November of last year—I wasn’t expecting an actual device so early.  Of course, maybe there will be no device yet and this report is bologna, but it’s still interesting nonetheless.  Of course, Samsung is a Korean company and if anyone had insider information it would probably be the Koreans.

Whether this device materializes on the 9th, which is when the “biggest release of the year” is supposed to be announced, remains a mystery.

Unless Nokia pulls a rabbit out of its ass, I expect Samsung to be crowned the Cameraphone King at MWC this year, since it was already rumored that an 8 MP phone with optical zoom was to be introduced, and now we have evidence the 12 MP behemoth will also be showcased.

My mouth salivates.


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