But just as I say that…

…Something else comes along to blow away my ideas.

I was set on the N85 just a few hours ago, but information has surfaced that makes me wonder otherwise.

One of the great cell phone resources I have is a Russian site called Mobile-Review.  The owner has inside information into a lot of companies and loves to drop hints about upcoming devices in his reviews.  Well, in his review of the N85 (and the N79 that was also announced today), he said that there will be about 7 new S60 devices from Nokia presented in February (at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona), and that two of them will essentially turn the market on its head.

Several things are known about Nokia now: They’re working on an 8MP phone.  Several companies including Sony Ericsson, LG, and Samsung have announced 8 MP phones, and each are pretty impressive, so it’s only a matter of time before Nokia shows them how it’s done.

Two: They’re working on a touchscreen flagship.  Their current touch phone they are about to unveil—the XpressMusic/Media 5800 “Tube” (which was showcased in The Dark Knight)—is a mid-end phone for the masses, though it has high-end specs like WLAN, GPS, etc.  There is a second touch phone in the works that will be “flagship” status, which means, in other words, armed to the teeth.  The 5800’s screen resolution is already known to be 640×360, and apparently the flagship touch device is to be even denser.  It’s speculated further that the touch flagship and the 8MP phone are actually one in the same, and I tend to agree.

A rendering of the 5800 Tube, based on live spypics.

A rendering of the 5800 "Tube," based on live spypics.

Three: On the business side, there is a device floating around called the “E77,” which apparently has a touchscreen and a side-sliding keyboard.  It’s supposed to be far superior to even the third-generation iPhone that will likely make an appearance next summer.

The touch flagship and this “E77” are the likely candidates for being unveiled in February and subsequently released in the summer sometime (or before).

As much as I like the N85, I did just get the N82, which I LOVE, and don’t really want to part with it anytime soon.  And I’d much rather wait even upwards of a year to get my hands on an 8MP touchscreen Nokia flagship rather than get a phone that is only marginally better than what I have.  The N85, as awesome as it sounds, would realistically only be an incremental upgrade, whereas this device to be unveiled in February would be more than deserving of my money.

So, there we go.  Waiting it shall be.

Realistically, what I expect the touchscreen flagship to have is a 5-8 MP autofocus CZ camera with face detection and dual-LED flash, video recording at either the standard 640×480 or possibly bumped up to 720×480, WLAN, Bluetooth, screen resolution of at least 640×360 but possibly increased to even 960×540 (apparently some S60 Touch phones will exceed the densest Windows Mobile screens), AM-OLED screen, FM radio/FM transmitter, 3.5 mm jack, microUSB with charging, and all the other bells and whistles common on a high-end Nokia.


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