Ain’t no grammarian

…But I say these people should be given an award.

Sure, they defaced national signs, but if you’re going to deface something, you may as well deface something while being educational and helpful at the same time.  If I were the government, I’d be embarrassed to have improper grammar and spelling on my signs.  I can’t even stand having improper grammar on my blog posts, and edit them at least nine times before they’re acceptable, and even then they’re not perfect.

I’m just confused what the government has against good grammar.  Sure, defacing government property isn’t a good thing, but if I were in charge of the outfit, I’d have taken the opportunity to create correct signs or at least have a sense of humor about it, like issue a press release about the defacing with all the words misspelled or something.  Unfortunely, our government is not nearly that awesome.


2 Responses

  1. Well see the government would rather do it the governmental way:

    1. Hold 49 committee meetings to decide if the signs were incorrect.
    2. Hire 6 consulting firms to give advice on correcting the grammar.
    3. Bid out the job of making new signs. The bid should be open for 8.5 years.
    4. Pay $33,762 per sign, even if they’re written in Sharpie on cardboard.
    5. Keep new signs in storage until tornado obliterates whatever they were going to mark in the first place.
    6. Sell them as scrap for $2.99 each.

  2. 😀 Indeed 😀

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