Good news for Windows/toast fans

Last night while I was up until midnight reading Ctrl+Alt+Del, this would have been very handy.  I’m taking about, of course, the idea of slipping a piece of bread into my computer and having it cook into toast in a matter of minutes, after which I would have consumed it and continued reading.

That is now a reality with the CrazyPC Bay Toaster which is important and cool enough to receive a mention in today’s newspaper.

The logic here is that many people have empty bays in their computers, or a floppy drive they don’t need, so the only logical alternative is to replace this dead space with a toaster.

Don’t worry: there is a crumb catcher so that bread pieces don’t fall into the computer and ignite it. AND there’s a heating duct to prevent the computer from overheating and THEN igniting.  AND there’s a Mac version coming soon for you losers.

Breakfast is served.


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  1. 4 words: Most awesome thing ever.

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