New addiction

Yes, because one wasn’t enough.

And, no, I haven’t taken up crack.

I’m addicted to Ctrl+Alt+Del. It’s all I’ve been reading all day.  Oh, SURE, there were fleeting moments of playing TS2 and watching MST3K, but the bulk of the day has been spend at the hands of the CAD gang.

There’s video games, satire, swearing, innuendo, blood, and android XBOXes. It’s pure win.  And Zeke the Xbot is the greatest character ever.


2 Responses

  1. I adore them! Once you finish reading, and it will take you awhile to get them all, then go back and see how the characters have changed in looks over the years. It is really funny!

  2. 😀


    And good to see you, Shells!

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