It’s gonna be mine

I placed a preorder on Spore just a few minutes ago at GameStop.  I haven’t preordered anything in a long time, but I figure Spore is worth it.  I’ve waited three years for this game and I’m not going to drive all around town wasting gas, looking for it on the 8th.

That game is going to kick some major tail.


4 Responses

  1. They drug it out too long and I’ve lost all interest in ever owning this game. Not to mention that crappy taste EA leaves in my mouth with its practicing and its horribly buggy games.

    All that said, I hope it brings you great happiness LK & many hours of good entertainment.

  2. Normally I’d agree about the bugs, but this game (unlike TS2) is handled by Wright himself, just like the original Sims, and it had much better overall quality. Things he has direct association with don’t tend to be crap.

  3. Hmm… I should preorder too. I wouldn’t want to have to wait for stores to restock while you all are all playing Spore.

  4. If things take a long time for a game to develop, it should be good, and it will be with Will Wright’s team on the job. The creature creature is already one of the booming programmes on the internet, already you can find many such creatures on specialised sites, even on YouTube clips. There is also the problem now with “sporn”… where people have created creatures which resemble genitalia. Anyway.. it should be good with all five phases and I hope it will take lots of hours of gameplay which is a problem with modern day games.

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