PETA forces close on phone ad

I’m not fan of Verizon and basically indifferent to PETA, but I do not see a problem with this ad.  OK, the dogs (pit bulls) are in a reletively stereotypical role, since while the animals do have a penchant for killing and maiming things, not all of them do.  So I see that.  But PETA is for the “ethical treatment of animals,” which to me means physical treatment.  The animals (person included) are clearly not harmed.  Emotionally harmed, though—is that the argument?  That the dogs are in a stereotypical role?  I refuse to believe the dogs have sophisticated enough emotions to understand the role they were placed in (much less what “stereotypical” is), but regardless, PETA got 7,000 people to send letters to VZW and they pulled the ad.

Is there something unethical here I’m just not seeing?


One Response

  1. I don’t see any harm or foul in the ad. They probably think the dog really did reach the end of the chain and might have hurt himself.

    Or they might be pissed off that the dog was showed chained to start with.

    Or that the actor has better hair than they do.

    PETA garners no respect from me at all.

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