Is it wrong to be in love with a battery?

Well, I don’t care, because I am.

My Nokia N82’s battery is AMAZING.  Absolutely great.  Today, I’ve used WLAN, checked e-mail, used Bluetooth, checked Websites, placed calls, sent texts, listened to music, listened to the FM radio, taken pictures, used the Xenon flash…possibly more.  So far, no bars have been depleted from the battery.

That doesn’t mean the battery is at 100%; that’s impossible.  It’s just that the battery hasn’t gone down enough for one of the seven bars on the main screen to disappear.

I got pretty good battery life out of my N95 even though stereotypically it was supposed to get bad battery life.  So since The N82 has a larger battery, this bodes VERY well.  I am extremely happy.

To get better battery life out of your electronic devices, it’s important not to over-charge them.  In other words, don’t leave them plugged in over night.  After a while, the battery will wear down and not perform as well.  It won’t happen after a week of over-charging, and the change may not be very noticible, but it will happen.

That’s another reason why Nokia is so awesome—when the battery is done charging, the phone gives a very audible BEEP to let you know it’s done.  As such, I don’t charge my phones over night so I can listen for the beep.


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  1. Good advice about not over-charging the battery. You truly are the Phone King. 😛

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