New toy to play with

My black Nokia N82 arrived this morning while I was at work.

I haven’t put in the battery or turned it on, but I am still SUPREMELY impressed.  I don’t know if it’s the color or what, but the phone is just downright sexy. Pictures really don’t do it justice (especially since I haven’t taken off the protective plastic).

Some unboxing shots:

Showing off the microUSB cord and the TV-Out cable, which allows images on the phone to be shown on a TV

Nokia’s boxes are very attractive, and this was no exception.  The one thing I was surprised about was the battery…it’s a larger capacity than the N95 (1050 mAh vs. 950 mAh), but is physically smaller.  Kind of cool, in my own nerdy way.

When I held the phone for the first time is when I really fell in love.  Even though I held the silver version in Las Vegas, it doesn’t hold a candle to the beauty of the black N82.

Showing the microUSB plug, microSD door, and charge port. On the opposite side are the stereo speakers, the camera button, volume keys, and media button

Showing the Xenon flash and 5 MP camera lens cover/slider

The power button and the standard 3.5mm headphone/TV-Out jack

The N82 is packed the the brim and is almost overflowing of features. Despite being slightly larger than both the Sony Ericsson K790a and the Nokia N95, it’s thinner than both by quite a bit (at least 3 millimeters).  And did I mention sexy?

The N82 is matched feature-for-feature against the N95, and then some.  It has a Xenon flash (a “real” flash; one that uses electrified Xenon gas to emit a very powerful burst of light) and the aforementioned larger capacity battery.  Did I mention it’s sexy??

What’s also great about the N82 is that it’s essentially the melding of the K790a and the N95, retaining all the features of both phones.  That being said, I’m still excited about the prospect of switching between all three devices, as I usually switch phones often.  Now I’ll have a new one to switch with.

Sony Ericsson K790a vs. Nokia N82

Nokia N95 vs. Nokia N82

I’m going to go to Best Buy sometime and get a holster/case, so I don’t anticipate really using it until tomorrow.  I can’t wait.


4 Responses

  1. Great minds think alike, LK. 😉 Have fun with it, I am in love with mine.

  2. You took my advice and got one too? 😉

  3. Yep. I got a titanium one, because the store I got it from didn’t have black. It’s awesome! Unfortunately, Nseries PC Suite doesn’t play nice with my new desktop AT ALL. Hopefully it’ll work upstairs.

    How are you finding your N82? For me it’s the most complicated mobile I’ve ever owned. I actually had to read the user guide 😛 It took me ages to get the SIM in, find the menu and discover how to lock the keypad. But, I’m using it like a pro now.

  4. I love it. The build quality, especially coming off the N95, is amazing. The battery actually had to be snapped in. ZOMG!

    I was familiar with the SIM Card holder only because I played with another Nokia with a similar system.

    The phone works pretty much the same as the N95, so no troubles there. The multimedia menu is much improved. And I can stream YouTube videos. I could never get the N95 to do that well.

    I thought the keypad would be hard to use, but it isn’t.

    The Nseries PC Suite is a little troublesome. I’m still using the regular PC Suite for most stuff.

    The most difficult part was figuring our how to activate T9. The Pencil key was removed and I had to look up the fact the * key is the “new” Pencil key.

    LOVE the auto screen rotation.

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