TV on my computer

The Media Center on Vista Premium/Ultimate machines allows you to listen to music, look at pictures, watch videos, listen to the radio, and watch/record TV

For the longest time, there has been a cable hookup in my bedroom.  For the longest time, it hasn’t worked, because the two-bit ISP people when we first got cable Internet claimed that because we had too many cable hookups, our signal was being degraded.  This was BS, but a cable guy took it upon himself to disable a number of the cable hookups in the house in an attempt to “help.”

Due to the Internet issues we were having yesterday and eariler in the week when I was in Vegas, another cable guy came out and undisabled (enabled, I guess?) the previously disabled cable hookups.  As a result, the cable in my room works.

My computer is a Vista Ultimate machine, which has Media Center.  Media Center, in addition to pictures, music, and other stuff, can also play live TV (and record it) if there is a cable hookup present.

I found a spare cable cord, hooked it up, and…it works!  It’s amazing.  I’m watching Star Trek on my computer right now, and recording it to see how that works.  I can’t wait to record shows on my computer.  I hate VHS tapes and can’t wait to stop using them.


3 Responses

  1. Now… does you computer have to have a cable cord post for it to play TV, or is there such thing as an adapter?

  2. I’m sure you could have some kind of extrenal add-on for the cable support, but my computer has it built in. Search NewEgg or some place for “TV tuner card” or even “external TV tuner card” if you’re interested. You also need appropriate software. Media Center is bundled with all Vista Premium/Ultimate machines.

  3. Hmm…interesting. I DO have Media Center, and plenty of cables. Hopefully if I ever want to do that I can. Thanks.

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