New phone soonishly

I played with a Nokia N82 while in Vegas and loved it.  I loved it so much, I decided I wanted one.  The cool thing is that it’s about 6-8 months old now, which means it’s come down in price drastically.  It’s insane the amount of money I’m saving by buying it now.  I think this is a good tactic.  I’ve bought all of my most recent phones 6 months to a year after it was released and the savings is huge.

I plunked down the cash on Amazon (for the super-awesome black version) and will await its arrival.

The great thing about the N82 is that it’s essentially the perfect hybrid of both the Sony Ericsson K790 and the Nokia N95.  Absolutely nothing is left out.

And it’s inexpensive.  Plus free shipping.  Sold.

The new 8 MP Nokia that’s supposed to be released this fall will be a great phone to get next fall/winter when it has come down in price and the software has been updated multiple times.  I don’t want to pay $800 for a phone as much as I love them. 😉


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