An interesting read, for all you Earth-haters

While I certainly believe in reducing CO2 emissions and using less energy, if only to be more effecient and spend less money, I also strongly believe in scientific angles, which is why this was so interesting to read.

I’ve long maintained that global warming is a pattern, and as such, is something that will eventually give way to global cooling.  This year alone has been very cold, on the whole, as we were wearing jackets well into May.  We wore jackets just yesterday, too.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think something needs to be done about the environment, since for example China has the largest emerging middle class in the world and all of them are buying cars.  So that is already spiking and will continue to do so, and some kind of standard needs to be in place.  Technology needs to be researched.  But I also believe in the scientific aspect, which is of course interesting, because many political leaders try to shove that under the rug.

If global cooling is real, we’ll still need ways to conserve energy and be “green” since we’ll arguably be using more energy in an attempt to warm ourselves up as opposed to cooling ourselves down.


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