Two moments of cellular genius

These are two answers I recently gave on Yahoo Answers, and I thought I’d reprint them here because they’re just so damn awesome. 😛

In response to why someone should buy unlocked cell phones:

Besides being able to use any GSM carrier you wish, an unlocked phone also allows you to bypass a carrier’s filth that is loaded onto all of their locked phones.

For example, in the States, if you buy a Sony Ericsson, there is an application called MusicID that allows you to record a piece of a song, connect to a database, and find out what the name and artist of the song is. However, you have to pay for this service in addition to the amount of data sent and received.

If you have an unlocked Sony Ericsson, you get a program called TrackID that does the exact same thing except that it’s FREE (but you would still have to pay for the data, just as with a locked phone).

Similarly, if you have a locked phone and want to use GPS, you have to pay for it.

If you have an unlocked phone, you can use your phone’s GPS for FREE (though you would have to pay for the data).

Unlocked phones will ALWAYS be superior to locked phones.

In response to 10 reasons why someone should purchase a texting plan:

I don’t want to think of 10 so I’ll give you one.

If you text a lot (“a lot” is of course relative, but I’d say at least 50 sent or received a month) it would be in your best interest, financially, to get a text plan (even the smallest one available) because paying for each sent and received will eventually add up to be more than simply paying $5 extra a month. If a sent message is $0.20 and received is $0.15 (just hypothetically) if you were to text back and forth with someone 20 times in a week, you would already pay $9 on your bill, whereas if you had a, say, $5 plan for 200 messages, you’d still have 180 built in to use the rest of the month.


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