How perceptive I am

I’ve had my Sony Vaio laptop for more than a year, and up until now, I’ve never noticed that it has something very very cool in it.

The computer is DLNA certified, which means that it’s compatible with other devices that offer DLNA.

One such other device is the upcoming Sony Ericsson C905.

What is DLNA?  Essentially, via WLAN, it will allow me to share photos, music and other media from the phone to the computer.  So, I could snap a ton of photos while on vacation, activate the DLNA service, and show my recently-taken photos on the laptop’s 19″ screen (as opposed to the C905’s 2.4″ screen) wirelessly without uploading anything.

This could have been really helpful when I was in Colorado Springs visiting my grandparents since my mom wanted me to show my photos, and I didn’t bring my N95’s TV-Out cable.  With the C905, none of that would be necessary and I’m already ready to go.

Brilliant.  I could not be happier that, unbeknownst to me all this time, my laptop is pretty much awesome.


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  1. It belongs to you- therefore it is by default awesome.

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