I’ve been using my Nokia for a while now, but switched to my K790 while I’m at camp.  I forgot how awesome that phone is.  The user interface is the best I’ve used on a non-smartphone, since it has the power and feeling of a smartphone interface.

The Sony Ericsson PC Suite is great too.  Nokia’s version is awesome, but I think SE’s just edged it out.  They upgraded it since the last time I used it and it’s just as if not more versatile than Nokia’s solution.  I can sync all information from phone to PC, upload music, download photos, use the phone as a wireless modem.  It’s great.

SE’s newest phones are being announced on the 17th.  There are apparently six confirmed phones, the one I posted about a few posts below being one of them.  I think I may have to get it.  And the G702/Beibei.  And upgrade to the Z750i for free on AT&T contract at the end of the year.  Hell, I’ve been saving my money for more than a year without spending it.  I need to get something. 😛

I love phones.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, you wouldn’t happen to love phones, would you? 😉

    I’ve never been a Nokia fan, but Sony Ericsson’s are pretty cool.

  2. SEs are indeed awesome.

    Nokias are cool, but only the high-end ones. The cheap stuff is kind of crap. Whereas cheap SEs are still great.

    This year of camp is going to tire me out incredible. I’m going to need to splurge on new phones at the end of the year. 😛

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