Living in Kansas…

I would have thought surviving being shot in the head would be a bad thing.


2 Responses

  1. A few years back, there was a guy involved in a fight here. He had been “hit” in the back of the head and went the next Monday morning to see his doctor. The doc checked him out and found nothing wrong, was sending the guy on his way, when the dude told the doc he was having problems with double vision.

    Doc brought him back and did x-rays- turned out there was a straight razor blade delicately positioned between the two halves of his brain at the base. The guy that “hit” him did so with a blade and it broke off and it was basically invisible (no real cut or anything) from just looking at his head.

    They removed the blade and as far as I know, the dude is a-ok now. Weird stuff.

  2. Yee-ouch.

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