Night of the twisters

We all awoke at 2:30 am to the sound of the tornado siren.

Apparently a minor one touched down near 130-something-th street and ripped trees apart, and damaged a new Target.

It also damaged some homes, which is unfortunate, since the homes in that area are very expensive, which means the news crews will be unable to interview toothless old women in curlers like they usually do.


5 Responses

  1. I thought you meant the game Twister, and I thought… oh never mind.

    I hear tornadoes are more active in the midwest this year. Glad it didn’t damage your house!

  2. Me too. Thankfully, we’re far to the southeast of where it hit.

  3. There are some rich folks that are toothless old ladies in curlers. Case in point- the people from here who won the $76 million in Power Ball or whatever lottery it was a few years back.

    Big assed house, nothing but Lexus and Escalades in the driveway and the woman still wears Hanes t-shirts and still has no frickin’ teeth. X-|

  4. Oh and I’m glad you’re ok too. I don’t like my LK shaken nor stirred. (hugs!)

  5. What?! No toothless old women in curlers! I call redo on the tornado!

    TOTALLY kidding! Glad you’re all right, LK!

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