Vacation, Part Siete

Today was a lot of driving.

…Oh, forget it. 😛

But, seriously, it was.

We drove through Albuquerque  to the Sandia Mountains where they had a lift thing to the top (some 10,000 feet) where I took a lot of photos and then had lunch at the top.  Then we went down.  That was pretty much it.

Then we drove to the old city, the original Albuquerque, and it was nice, but not as nice as Santa Fe’s version.

This was 2 in the afternoon, and we had nothing to do the rest of the day, so we left and drove as far as we could to…actually, I forgot were we stayed.  …No, I didn’t: Gallup.  It’s a dusty, rocky, run-down town, just like all the towns in this state.  Also, everyone lives in a trailer.  EVERYONE.  Nothing against trailers, but seriously, there isn’t a real home anywhere in this state.  But they have a really quality road system.  So the only thing I can figure is that they pay so much money in taxes for road work that no one can afford a house.


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