Vacation, Part Seis

Today was a lot of driving.

Or maybe it wasn’t.  But I think I should start all my entries like this since that’s all I can remember about each day.  This state is really kind of boring after a while.  I mean, anything gets boring after a while, but when there are only two major cities and you’re passed one and are looping back to get to the other, things get a little drab.

We saw some space museum in Alamogordo.  It was not that spectacular, in my opinion, and this was aided by the fact their air conditioning was out.

Then we saw the White Sands something-or-other.  Basically, it’s sand that is white.  And it’s there.  And you can drive through it.  I took some pictures but I’m looking at them now and they don’t look like much except whiteness and skyness.  Oh well.

Then we drove and drove and drove to a town with the name of…”Truth Or Consequences.”

I’m serious.

I think “Truth Or Dare” would have been better, or even “Truthfully, It’s Another Friggin’ White Trash Town,” but I don’t decide these things.

We drove around looking for something to eat but settled for a place just across the street from the hotel when we realized NOTHING was open.  This was a little after 6 pm.

Tomorrow: Albuquerque.  And whoever decided to spell it like that was a moron.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t forget that LEFT TURN at Albuquerque!

  2. HA! That’s what I was going to say, Snigs.

    Btw, LK, you owe me a Dr. Pepper and a new computer monitor for this: “Then we saw the White Sands something-or-other. Basically, it’s sand that is white. And it’s there. And you can drive through it.” Friggin’ hilarious!

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