Vacation, Part Cuatro

The fourth day was spent in Roswell.  We went to the UFO museum and it was pretty awesome.  They had a timeline of the events of 1947 represented in newspaper clippings and other things.  They really poked apart the government cover-up since the government, at some point, claimed the event didn’t happen until 1957 and that the people who remembered it were just confused, but the newspaper clippings with “1947” kind of blew that out of the water.  Stupid government.

Personally, I completely believe aliens exist and that there was a crash in ’47.  I’d be less inclined to believe it if the government hadn’t tried to cover it up—anything the government has to do with is immediately under suspicion and the fact they say it didn’t happen automatically means it did.

They also had various movies going on in the theater. The one we saw was a mockumentary of sorts with the same guy that did the movie about “Trekkies” called “Six Days in Roswell.” It was hilarious and really self-deprecating, but great.

The greatest thing about this day was we had quite of bit of free time so we went to the theater to watch Indiana Jones.  It was AWESOME.  What was most awesome was that it referenced the 1947 Roswell crash—and we were in Roswell!!  That was so cool.  And the entire movie was amazing.  I hope they make a trilogy out of it again.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a totally cool place to visit. Glad things are looking up on this vacation finally!!

  2. And you did get me my alien antenna headband, right? …right? 😛

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