Vacation, Part Cinco

Today was spent mainly in the car.

Actually, no it didn’t.  I just about forgot the Big Event we did today.

We spent most of the day at Carlsbad Caverns.  For all the cow crap, throwing up, no vacancies, and whatever else has happened or will happen, it was worth it to see this.  The caverns are AMAZING.  And gigantic.  They go on forever and are simply beautiful.  I took a ton of photos, and hopefully they turn out.  I used Night mode, which while great for the low-light condition in the caves, disables autofocus, so hopefully everything isn’t blurry.  It looks good on my 2.6-inch screen. 😛

Again, the caverns were incredible.  Definitely worth it.

The REST of the day was spent in the car.  If it wasn’t long stretches of nothingness, it was curvy mountain roads.  The curvy mountain roads were the worst because my dad, who drove, is a Speed Limit Nazi, and slams on the brakes to decelerate even when going around turns and the little yellow signs suggest going 35 as opposed to 45, even though the turn is only a 15 degree direction change.  My mom and I just about went insane.  The stupid thing is that once out of the turn, he romps on the accelerator to get back up to speed, but being a mountain road, there is another turn just a few hundred meters down the road, so then he slams on the brakes again….on and on for miles and miles.  I wanted to throw him out of the car and have him walk and my mom probably did too since it’s her car.

We’re staying at Hollingsworth Air Force Base tonight.  Or something.  Some H-word.  Hollbrock?  Hollister?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.  Tomorrow we’re seeing some sand dunes to the north of here.


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  1. Why aren’t you driving? 😉

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