Heart attack on a plate

I just saw a commercial for some “Southern Fried Chicken Biscuit Something-Or-Other” for McDonald’s. Chicken I don’t mind—in fact, it’s the chicken meals I hate the least at McDonald’s—but this thing is intended to be eaten for breakfast.

Who wants chicken for breakfast? And fried chicken at that? Besides, possibly, a wolf?

No doubt Burger King or someone else will counter with a “Double Steak and Bacon Biscuit” breakfast sandwich before not too long.


4 Responses

  1. Um, southerners love chicken for breakfast, especially fried.

    Although, McDonald’s “southern chicken biscuit” isn’t southern at all.

    It’s nasty. Tastes like pickles.

  2. Precisely. It’s fake Southern. You should all boycott it.

  3. I boycott McDonald’s anyway. Ewwwww.

  4. I do boycott that biscuit. Hell, I boycott their breakfast items period. They’re gross. Eggs should come out of shells, not cartons. Biscuits should be handmade, not frozen.

    And the worst thing- they took damned salt cured ham off the menu! I want my damn ham!

    Rant over. Carry on. Avoid the chicken biscuit though.

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