Musical confession

I got some new CDs today. There was an offer at Borders for three CDs at 40% off, so I took them up on it.

When I got there, I realized there aren’t many more ’80s songs I need. I have 34+ hours now and anything I get is going to be highly repetitive.

So I decided to go with my second favorite genre: jazz. But not just any jazz. I mean, I have CDs and songs from classics like Herbie Hancock and John Coltrane, but my favorite kind of jazz is the of the über-cheesy variety. (Yeah, there seems to be a theme with my musical tastes.)

My favorite jazz artist is Kenny G. 😛 His hair is awesome too and reminds me of the ’80s—perhaps this is why I like him.

Anyway, I got two of his CDs to complement the two I already had.


One Response

  1. Between MollyG and FishyG, I think I will one day be able to supply you with plenty of cheesy jazz. 😛

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