For the deaf

There’s a guy in the computer lab just now who answered his cell phone. This is the conversation:

“Hello? What? Yes. No. I’m in the computer lab. Yes? No! Uh-huh. I don’t know. Maybe? You should—I said, you should—huh? No! I mean, yes! YES! OK! I’ll talk to you later.”


5 Responses

  1. Those people totally annoy me. I was with my grandma in the store last weekend and this guy in line behind us kept shouting into his phone, then acting embarassed, then shouting, rinse & repeat. His poor girlfriend kept trying to back away from him, obviously embarassed. Made me laugh. 😛

  2. I am that person sometimes. I try really hard to be quiet, but when one ear is covered up I behave as if I’m deaf (I cannot explain this).

    Usually the person I’m talking to is also in the lab but can’t find me…

  3. Well, that sounds like someone answering the phone in class, somehow we never could get reception in that room. Oddly, the teacher told us if her cell phone went off while we were speaking, we would all get an A+, I think she took into account there was no possible way for that to happen.

  4. The folks that aggravate me the most are the ones who answer their cellphones while in the dental chair, in the process of having a root canal (or something similar) done.

    I remember a time in life when you didn’t have to be quite so accessible. I really don’t think it’s quite so necessary now either.

    Imagine if you would, a mouth full of gauze and Novocaine-

    Hehwoe? At fee dennis. No, fee dennis. I caw oo back. No, I CAW OO!

  5. Good point about not being so accessible, Snigs. Plus, if it’s really that danged important, there’s this handy invention called voicemail…

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