Sorry, none of that here

Someone Googled “vasectomy” and navigated their way here.

I hope you found what you were looking for.


UPDATE: A new one popped up: “wordpress themes+nazi.”  I hope you people die lonely deaths.


10 Responses

  1. It was you?! Well, sorry to disappoint given that it was only the title of the story with that word in it and not actual medical information that could help you with whatever predicament you’re in.

  2. You should have sent them to my blog LK. I know all about said procedure you know. 😉

  3. you’re not sorry. and i really needed the information >.<

  4. Well, if it’s information you need, as Snigs said above you, her blog is brimming with vasectomy information.

  5. haha her url is not working at this time

  6. My url isn’t working? That should be illegal.

    There is no serious info on vasectomies on my blog either, but I do know a little about them. I watched one once, I know how they work and with the proper tools, I could perform one.


  7. me too 🙂 but i don’t know how they work at all. I was just present during part of the procedure.

  8. They cut and sew (or burn) shut the tubes that carry seminal fluid from the testicles.

    That’s how it works, it interrupts the “flow”.

  9. Hahahaha this just reminded me of someone I know (unfortunately):

    A 19 yr old guy ended his marriage to a girl. She decided she wanted Babies. He still did not want Babies. He had a vasectomy without telling her. I guess this must be the “crap” that happens in life sometimes.
    This is probably the catch that girls he wants to date hear first. But he’s like “I can undo it whenever I want!”

    Yeah right.

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