Oh, yeah, that’s right

Who’s your daddy?

Notice who they’re thanking? Anyone? BAM!

Anyway, I love phones. 😛 But you all knew that.


5 Responses

  1. I know who my daddy is, but are you my mommy or a steam shovel? (Think back to the Dr. Seuss books, I think Are You My Mother? was one of his)

    As to the new phone, um, whatever happened to just wanting to talk to someone? 😛

    Oh and I love the new layout and the fact you’ve made two blog posts in the last century. Yay! More LK please!

  2. I’ll be blogging more often…but interesting stuff has to happen first. Though I suppose I could lie. You’d never know.

  3. Here’s an interesting thing: I tagged you for a 6 word memoir about yourself, but NOoooOO I haven’t seen any. Click my name and go to the post Cause Snigs forced me to… for further info. TYVM for your time.

  4. *notices who they thanked* Although, that could be any Kevin… 😛

    Does this mean you got that job you were talking about a while back?

  5. I did not, but I probably wouldn’t have had time for it anyway, given I’m going to be gone or busy basically the entire summer.

    And it was me. I tipped them on the link. 😛

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