I see floaters

I have a thing against contacts. Several people I know wear them and seem to like them–and have tried to get me to use them–but they always look like they’re gently weeping as if their grandmothers recently died. Also, I have this thing against poking foreign objects into my eyes.

I may have to change my mind now. It seems like some people with white lab coats at the University of Washington have developed contacts that would deliver a heads-up display when you receive a call on your phone. The name of the person would just appear in front of you, and you’d immediately know who is calling–after you try to grab aimlessly for the floating name and then bonk your head into a tree.

It’s also apparently being tested on really really white people, or possibly albino cattle.


4 Responses

  1. You’d be interested in a dog turd if it were attached to a nifty cell phone, wouldn’t you?

  2. Only if the turd has Bluetooth.

  3. Oh well, we love you inspite of it.

    I’m mailing you the first pile of dog poo with a blue tooth in it I see. Keep an eye out for it. 😉

  4. No way in hell would I want that in my eye. I wear contacts already, but seeing stuff float randomly in them would just bug the crap out of me. =/

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