This semester may suck…

I’m in the honors program at my college. I never wanted to be in it because it means nothing other than people think you’re smarter than you really are. It’s also an excuse for professors to assign you more work. Whoever correlated “good grades” with “hey, they must have more hours in their day in which to do petty assignments” needs to be cracked over the head with a metal baseball bat.

You have to take at least one honors class per semester, so I chose this class on a whim.

I read the syllabus today.

You could not pay me enough to do what they expect us to do.

Basically, we’re slave labor. The university I attend is having its centennial this year, so the entire class is built upon the premise that by reading hundreds and hundreds of pages of useless crap that boring, crusty, dead Nebraskans have written in the past, we’ll be able to infuse their essence into ours and write these masterpieces about the history of the school as it relates to women’s roles in the community (WTF??) and then present them to a bunch of people in suits at the end of the semester.

I have not even attended the class yet and I know I want out.

It will be difficult to find something to fill the gap, but I found another honors class at the same day and time and I think I’ll go with that. I am taking two other writing-intensive journalism classes in addition to all the other stuff; I do not need another writing class that deals with a subject matter I could care less about. Plus, I hate reading. Especially about people from Nebraska and their “outlook on life,” as if I’m supposed to have an epiphany when I read this and transform into pure self-actualized energy.

Give me a break.

ETA: Dropped that class and registered for another honors class. It starts at 2:30. I think it’ll be loads better.

ETA: I also for the record don’t think women’s roles in the community is a stupid idea, but I think it is stupid to structure an entire class around getting material (any material) for this centennial celebration. If they wanted this material, they should have gotten in contact with people who have a vested interest, not dupe honors kids into taking a class and then have them come up with something to present because the centennial committee is too lazy to do it themselves.


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