Tag! I’m it!

Apparently I’ve been “tagged,” which is a polite blogging term for, “Tell us embarrassing things about yourself so we can make fun of you!”

So, ok. Seven of them you want, and seven you shall receive, minus shipping and handling.

  1. I have owned, so far, a total of eight cell phones. I currently use three.
  2. I am deathly afraid of spiders and cannot even bring myself to kill them for fear they will spring back to life–or not fully die–and kill me via hand wounds.
  3. My favorite musical artist is Michael Jackson, but you already knew that. Along those same lines, I cannot listen to a MJ song without dancing in my chair.
  4. Touch my hair and die.
  5. As another hit to my malehood, I watch not only Desperate Housewives, but also Brothers & Sisters. So NYAH!
  6. I like bad movies better than I like good movies.  Damn MST3K!
  7. I am actually the Queen of Sheba.

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