More nerd time (hey, it’s MY blog!)

So the big news from CES in Las Vegas this week, at least to me, is the fact that Nokia is going to build and release a U.S. 3G (HSDPA) version of its N95 8GB.

As the owner of an N95-1 (the original Euro 3G model), I feel this is a worthy upgrade since I bypassed both the N95-2 (Euro 8GB) and the N95-3 (the U.S. 3G original model).

I love my N95 and feel it is near cell phone perfection (WiFi, GPS, 5 MP camera)–but of course the only thing better than an N95 is an N95 with a bigger screen, a bigger battery, 8 gigs of flash memory, and HSDPA 850/1900.

I now return you to your semi-non-nerd blog reading.


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