Nerd time again!

I just saw a kid at school with a Sony Ericsson S500i. This phone is not available with US carriers, which means it was unlocked. I didn’t have a chance to say hello, but I’m sure we would have become fast friends.

In other news SE is about to announce the P5i superphone. Excited!


3 Responses

  1. So I just had to google the P5i to see what it was and all I can think of to say is:


    That’s one awesome phone!

  2. (poke) (poke) I need an LK blog fix!! Throw us a new bone LK.

  3. Dear Sir,

    It has been over two months since you last posted anything. This is a serious matter which requires your immediate attention. Should you choose to ignore this letter, we shall have no choice but to take further action. When we decide what that action is, you will be promptly informed. Thank you and have a day.

    Your Readers

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