Crap, crap, crap

I decided to buy my books today for school. I don’t like buying books. I’ve been putting this off. But I have to get them.

So I grab everything and drive away. I’m in the car for 30 minutes. I arrive and discover that I forgot my wallet. Meaning: No books. Wasted trip. And another 30 minutes in the car.

The problem is that there’s too much crap on my placemat on the kitchen table, where I keep my wallet and keys. It’s literally covered in stuff. But none of the stuff was actually placed there by my hand—it’s all junk my mom thinks I need to look at: Thank you notes, junk mail from Capital One (I KNOW what’s in my wallet, and it ain’t a damn Capital One card), and VHS tapes from a 1956 documentary about Barcelona. I don’t need or want any of this stuff, and yet it’s there. I don’t grab my wallet because I can’t see it underneath all of the crap, and so I assume I already have it. This has happened twice in the past month. I’d clear the stuff off, but only within the past several days have I been home often enough to actually do anything about it.

So I threw all of it away. Now I can find my wallet. And I’ll buy my stupid books tomorrow. At least my wallet will be lighter.


6 Responses

  1. Sorry Charlie, you’re a big boy now. Quit blaming this on your mom. You know I love you and I think you’re the most responsible 19 year old ever, but…you gotta own up to this one all by yourself. Pat yourself on the ass and you’ll know your wallet isn’t there and you’ll know to dig beneath the layers next time. 😉 Now, apologize to your mother for blaming this on her. 😛

  2. Still, you think it would be obvious I don’t need a Capital One card. I routinely throw those away even if they’re not addressed to me.

  3. Ok, forget about your wallet, forget about Capital One, forget about your ma… can you not like buying books you crazy kid?! I LOVED getting my books for school! Of course….as an English lit major I had to buy very few of those ridiculously overpriced texts, it was mainly fantastic novels and anthologies….but still! They are BOOKS! And books rock the cat’s ass :P.

  4. I still haven’t bought my books either. I figure I am going to go the first day of my one and only class. Do you see a fatal flaw with this plan? I mean, they won’t be out of books will they?

  5. No, in fact, one of my classes on Monday won’t even have books available until that day.

    Plus they know how many people are taking each class.

  6. Then I am so not going to stress this part of my school experience.

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